Tuesday, 23 April 2013


The above Zig Ziglar quote is what Get Your Piece of the Pie is all about and now I’ve uncovered another great opportunity to generate income or to increase the traffic received by your website.


RefBan a.k.a Referral Banners allows you to make money or gain hits for your current website. This is done using banner advertisements. This system however has the added bonus of allowing you to not only display banner ads on your website (which you will be paid a fixed daily amount for), but to also get paid to refer new members and advertisers as well as earning via an affiliate commissions program – making this far easier to generate income from then most banner advertising campaigns and schemes.

RefBan is set to go live at the end of the week and should be an absolutely huge success and you can take advantage by joining up during this pre-launch period.

Whilst still in pre-launch you earn $10 (approx just under £7) just for signing up which is completely free.

The official launch is 28th April 2013 so sign up before Sunday to guarantee your free $10.

The RefBan system is so easy to use that you could start earning with as little as a single Facebook post or Tweet and as a member you earn a whopping 30% on affiliate commissions. Ad space can be purchased from as little $0.19 (just under 13p GBP) – which is great value for money compared to other cost per click schemes and the like.

For more information or to take advantage of this fantastic offer (and to claim your free $10 if signing up on time) – Click the link below


Join up today to be a part of the 30,000 strong team of members which is growing by the minute. Or contact me for information in this or any other opportunities discussed on this blog.

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Friday, 8 March 2013

Rocket Cash Cycler

What is Rocket Cash Cycler?

Rocket Cash Cycler is a fantastically simple way for you to start making more income from absolutely anywhere in the world.

Rocket Cash Cycler (RCC for short), can be hugely successful for generating an extra income or for replacing your regular income allowing you to work from home earning just as much, if not more than, you would from a 9-5.

If it’s so successful why isn’t everyone doing it?

Well, the answer is... they are.

The MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) industry is exploding right now, with literally millions of people making billions of pounds/dollars each year. MLM’s are not a new fad – they’ve been around since the 1950’s, but with the rapid acceleration of modern technology the industry has been refined and this is being picked up by more and more people each day. The wealth accumulated by the pioneers of the industry has become too substantial to ignore. This combined with the current economic instability and people’s willingness to be a little more unconventional when it comes to securing wealth means there has never been a better time to get involved.

Why Rocket Cash Cycler then?

*Well RCC is the highest paying 2x2/ 3x2 Hybrid Program online. Don’t worry if you don’t know what that means (all will be revealed), all you need to know is that with a whopping 94.5% paid back out to members you’ll more than likely be making more with RCC then you would with anyone else.

*The system is so simple to use and all you need to start is an internet connection meaning you can work from anywhere in the world.

*Once you qualify and reach the ‘second pay centre’ all earnings can be withdrawn daily, without waiting weeks or even months to process your payments.

*All members get over $2,000 worth of online marketing products for free as well as access to webinars and training session.

*RCC does not charge monthly membership fees – all benefits, products and ongoing earning potential are provided for a one off sign up fee of $315 (approx £210 – having personally spent more than this on a days shopping and a night out, this is a relatively small sum to invest in your future).

Check out this video for a fuller explanation

Tell me about some of the products available to members?

·        Members get a free Skype Ninja Training course worth $349
Skype Ninja can help you get hundreds of new leads for your business/RCC account every day.

·        Members get a free lifetime licence to use xSky software (no monthly fees) and Sky-Skraper software. Both tools are used to generate sales/leads/contacts/traffic and video tutorials are provided so you will be a pro in no time.

·        Members get $169 worth of free marketing software

·    Members get free access to the Success Training Library featuring audio books from the best in the industry – worth $1770.

For further information or to sign up follow the link below.

Sign Up

Scroll to bottom of the linked page for the sign up link.

Alternately to speak to someone contact Brian Wilson on
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Sunday, 3 June 2012


Hi, how you doing? My name is Brian Wilson, I'm an entrepreneur and I live in London. I personally am at a position where I'm enjoying my life and now I want to give somthing back and help people do the same and create a better life for themselves and their loved ones. I can teach you the way that I have doubled my money and am making a constant income. 

Check out this slide show to give you a basic understanding of what I'm going to talk about.


I signed up for free www.bannersbroker.com/bri-fi and through the ad pub combo option I found that I didn't even need my own website. We earn our money by earning revenue off of panels that we purchase in a package. I personally put $500 in my ewallet and then bought the professional package which contained:

Yellow panel-$10 becomes $20

Purple panel-$30 becomes $60

Blue pane l-$90 becomes $180

Green panel-$270 becomes $540

All of these panels double up in value. Also there is an option underneath each panel which allows you to pull 50% back to your e-wallet for withdrawal and 50% gets reinvested to buy another panel. This is what allows you to double your money. There is a £15 monthly admin charge but this is covered from your profit in your e-wallet.

Due to my own personal experience I've found that:

Yellow panel- takes 20 days to complete

Purple panel- takes 30 days to complete

Blue pane l- takes 40 days to complete

Green panel- takes 50 days to complete

The packages range from $25 to $3,655

The place to begin is to sign up for free

Check out the tutorials.

My private emill is booboow1984@gmail.com
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How Much Money You Can Earn Video:
You Don't Need Your Own Website